Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Making a Mask! (Final Sequence)

And thus, after starting this like 2 months ago, the journey comes to an end. Let's check it out.

So, I picked up where I left off and added in the rest of the main. Basically I just cut more cardboard and twisted/tore it till it looked roughly similar to the original mask. Then I used more paperclay to sculpt the crescent for the top of the head.

After letting it dry I hot glued it to the top, using some folded cardboard to make it sit on the head straight.

Then it was time to spray paint!

I first coated it with a base white spray paint, priding myself over being able to avoid doing it all by hand. I used two more colors after this; one a satin finish blue, the other was one of those special-type spray paints that leaves you with a stoney- texture as you paint it. I don't know how it works, but it's magic. Mine was a grey color, and originally I started to apply that to the mask first with the intention of covering it with the blue. Then I got the brilliant idea to put the blue down first and then spatter the grey stone on. THIS WAS A GREAT MOVE.

After a healthy dose of self-congratulation, I gathered a piece of bristol paper and applied the same paint job so I could later cut it out into eye shapes.

I glued the painted eye shapes to the back of the mask like so. Then glued a piece of black fabric over the mouth and nose so you could no longer see through them. Then I flipped the mask over and painted the eyes.

I used more black fabric to cover the back of the mask to give it a more uniform look, then cut a small hole in the fabric so you can hang it on a nail.

Bam! Finished product! I unveil it tonight, though admittedly I'll be a little sad to let it go.

All in all, I estimate the cost of it to be in about the $40-50, only because the stoney spray paint was a bit pricey and it took like 2 things of paperclay to get the base down. In terms of total time to complete, er... things got a little convoluted when I decided to take a crazy long break from it. At a rough guess I would say about 5-6 hours, NOT including all the time I waited for the clay/paint to dry.

Seriously though, I was a genius with that spray paint.