Thursday, February 10, 2011

Midna: Initial Stages

I've been attending CONvergence since 2006, and aside from a stint in 2008 where I cavorted around as a very short Abraham Lincoln, I really haven't put in effort to dress up.

This year I'm aiming to change that.


...Choosing July as the month to wear spandex is such an awesome idea omg.

So, it's February now, and because I'm a nerd and I wanna do this right. I'm starting right now. Construction featured in the next post, but before the jump, here's my supplies list:

-Tape Measure (For to measure my head)

-Fangs - (For the left tooth)

-Hot Glue Sticks

-Paper Clay

-Wooden Hoop (Used for size reference)

-Foam Exercize Mat (The helmet)

-Giant Sheet of Art Board (for details on the helm)

-Glue Gun

-X-Acto Knife

- X-Actor blades

- Zentai Suit (the body)

- Black/White Leather (for the bottoms of the feet)

- Red Wig

- Colored Hair Spray

- Masking Tape (To paint smooth lines on the suit)

- Duct Tape (for making a duct tape dummy)

- Garbage Bag (also for the dummy)

-Red Eye Contact Lens (eye appointment required)

- Makeup – White, black, yellow (maybe red)

-Body Shaper (for anti-jiggliness)

-Paper Clips (to attach the ears to my head)

- Black/white/blue paint (For painting the suit)

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Josh said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog.